Infrastructure Upgrade and Civil Works

One of the six building blocks of a health system is service delivery. A vital part of service delivery is the quality of health facilities.

The Oloibiri Health Programme includes the upgrade of selected health facilities across Ogbia LGA, which will be integrated into a ‘hub-and-spoke’ service delivery model. One secondary health facility will be connected to five ‘Health for Life’ centres.  The programme will also support 13 ward centres, one for each ward in Ogbia LGA.

Upgrade of the identified health facilities will include improvement of the infrastructure so that buildings are safe and fit for purpose. Health delivery will be supported through provision of appropriate equipment and supplies. Utilities will be upgraded - ensuring constant water and power supplies and safe waste management systems.  

Kolo General Hospital will undergo a transformation. Previously a dilapidated building with poor utilities, worn out furniture and inadequate equipment, it will become a fully upgraded modern facility. It will have reliable utilities, new equipment and furniture and a consistent supply of drugs and other essential supplies. There will be provision for maternal and infant care and new quality standards for patient care. Delivery of its services will be safe, timely, effective and patient centred. This will allow Kolo General Hospital to take on its central role as the referral hub for Ogbia LGA.

The following health facilities will be upgraded.

  • Kolo General Hospital - a secondary health facility
  • Three ‘Health for Life’ centres: CHC Oloibiri, PHC Anyama, and Cottage Hospital, Otuasega,

In addition, the programme will support 13 ward health centres:

  • PHC Anyama
  • BHC Emeyal
  • CKC Imiringi
  • CHC Kolo
  • CHC Ogbia
  • CHC Okodi
  • PHC Ayakoro
  • CHC Oloibiri
  • Cottage Hospital Akipelai
  • College of Health Technology Demonstration Clinic, Otuogidi
  • Cottage Hospital, Otuasega 
  • PHC Otuokpoti
  • Federal University Health Centre, Otuoke

Oloibiri Health Programme

The Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) is a three-year public health initiative, sponsored by Shell, to improve health and health care delivery for the communities of the Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA) in Oloibiri field, Nigeria. This Public Private People Partnership is championed by Shell as part of Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and is named after Oloibiri community where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria.

  • Oloibiri Health Centre before upgrade
  • Anyama Health Centre before upgrade
  • Kolo General Hospital Operating Theatre before Upgrade
  • Kolo General Hospital during Civil Works
  • Mrs Monica Olarinde-Azazi, DG Bayelsa State Medical Services Agency visits Kolo General Hospital during Upgrade
  • Programme Board led by Prof Etebu, Bayelsa State Commissioner of Health, visits Kolo General Hospital site
  •  Borehole drilling for geophysical assessment of water quality in Kolo General Hospital
  • Front View of Kolo General Hospital - After Upgrade
  • Civil Works in Kolo General Hospital Completed