Capacity Building and Training of Health Workers

Another of the six building blocks of a health system is the health workforce. The health workforce in Ogbia LGA include hospital staff and community health workers. The programme will ensure capacity building and training for health workers deployed to the project hospitals to position them for quality service delivery.

Health workforce assessment will be conducted to determine gaps in the availability of manpower, skills and competency gaps, as well as job satisfaction and retention issues. This will provide information required to determine specific gaps and areas requiring targeted staffing, capacity building and training interventions. Hospital staff will be deployed by Bayelsa State Ministry of Health and PHC staff by Ogbia LGA while Oloibiri Health Programme will conduct capacity building and training of facility-based and community health workers to contribute to its objective of health system strengthening.

According to the World Health Organization, the use of community health workers is a common strategy to address the need for health workers, especially in low income countries. If carefully selected, appropriately trained, and consistently supported these workers can improve coverage and access to basic healthcare. Community health workers are well placed to act as agents of change for promoting healthy behaviours and reducing health inequalities. The OHP will provide training, mentoring and supportive supervision of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs). These health workers are drawn from, and based in the Ogbia community. They therefore speak the local language and have a connection with the people they serve. Training for CHEWs will ensure they have the appropriate mix of skills and competencies for the roles they undertake.

Facility-based and community health workers will receive education and training at an appropriate level for their roles in service delivery.

Oloibiri Health Programme

The Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) is a three-year public health initiative, sponsored by Shell, to improve health and health care delivery for the communities of the Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA) in Oloibiri field, Nigeria. This Public Private People Partnership is championed by Shell as part of Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and is named after Oloibiri community where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria.

  •  CHEWs Studying Teaching Aids during Training on Nutrition
  • CHEWs being Trained on Use of Community Outreach Data Reporting Tools
  •  Mrs Mary Ase - BYSMOH Training CHEWs on ORS preparation for Use in Management of Diarrhoea
  •  Representative of Bayelsa State MOH Department of Planning, Research and Statistics addressing Health Workers including CHEWs, Nurses, Doctors and Medical Records Officers during Training on Use of the OHP Database
  •  Hands-on Training on Use of the OHP Database
  •  Practical Demonstration by CHEWs during Training on Breast Feeding Education
  •  A CHEW during Retraining on Use of the Child Health Handbook
  • Training of OHP Database Users in Imiringi Ward Health Centre
  • Training of OHP Database Users in Otuasega Health for Life Centre