Community Outreaches

Trained CHEWs about to Commence Household Visits
Mrs Monica Azazi Olarinde, Special Adviser to Bayelsa State Governor on Health, Addressing CHEWs Priori to an Outreach
A CHEW with a Mother and Her Newborn in Kolo Community
A CHEW Educating a Father on Use of the Child Health Handbook
A CHEW Administering Vitamin A Supplement to a Baby
A CHEW Educating a Mother in Oruma Community on Use of the Child Health Handbook
A CHEW Educating a Mother in Otuasega Community on Use of Oral Contraceptive Pills for Family Planning
 A CHEW Demonstrating Preparation of ORT Solution to a Family in Emeyal 1 Community
Pregnant Woman in Otuasega Community Receives Insecticide Treated Net
CHEWs Reviewing Data Sheets after Outreach in Emeyal 2 Community