FUO Hosts Oloibiri Health Intervention Committee

Stakeholders on Oloibiri Health Intervention Project converged on Federal University Otuoke Thursday 29th January, 2015 to brainstorm on how to  improve health service delivery in the rural communities of Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

To Mark Nigeria’s Centenary, Shell Implements N1 Billion Oloibiri Health Project

Shell has signed an agreement with General Electric for the implementation of a N1-billion health project as part of three initiatives to mark 100 years of nationhood by Nigeria.

Beyond The Status Quo: Using Impact Evaluation Research to Drive Innovation and Improve Outcomes in Health

The focus of the workshop was on impact evaluations (IEs). This approach uses research methods which allow evaluators to separate the causal impact of a specific project or intervention from changes in outcomes due to other factors.

Oloibiri Health Programme

The Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) is a three-year public health initiative, sponsored by Shell, to improve health and health care delivery for the communities of the Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA) in Oloibiri field, Nigeria. This Public Private People Partnership is championed by Shell as part of Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and is named after Oloibiri community where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria.